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Caleb Ruthven- Papanui Chiropractic, Christchurch

Caleb Ruthven, chiropractor

Caleb Ruthven graduated at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2004. Since then he has worked in Ireland, England and New Zealand. He has been published in the Australasian Spinal Research Journal on his work with cerebral palsy children. He has been in Christchurch since 2015. 

He specializes in treating the whole spine and muscles associated with the spine as he feels there is a lot of interconnectedness with all area's of the body. He utilizes Diversified and Gonstead and soft tissue work to achieve this. For those who are afraid of the "clicking" of the back he can use Drop Table and/or an Electric Spinal Adjuster (pictured below). He will spend time with you and show you exercises and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals. 

He is married and has one daughter and one son. Interests are home DIY and gardening. 

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Electric Spinal Adjuster.
Adjust with controlled depth and force in a specific area.
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